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Sophia bush dating passion pit

The sweetly romantic electro-pop made it onto the There’s another chapter of Passion Pit’s mythology, and it’s also about a man and a (different) woman.Angelakos has talked openly about his bipolar disorder, depression, and alcoholism; he has also talked about deeply loving Kristy Mucci, the woman he married.The video was released on February 14th (appropriately Valentine's Day) and has reached over 10,660,000 views on the Passion Pit Vevo You Tube account as of Mid April 2015.Sophia Anna Bush (born July 8, 1982) is an American actress, director, spokesperson, and activist.It was released as the fourth single from the album in 2013.The music video, directed by Brewer, was released on February 14, 2013.It featured American actress, director, and spokesperson Sophia Bush.

Passion Pit’s latest extra-musical chapter began Monday, when the 28-year-old Angelakos for the first time said publicly that he’s gay.

It's the same gut feeling I had when I said, “OK, I kind of just need to talk to people about the fact that I am. It just has to happen.’Michael added: ‘When you are teetering on the edge of heterosexuality and homosexuality or whatever, and you don’t know what’s going on, it’s so much more comfortable to just keep going back to what you know.’'I’m like, 30 times more exhausted than a person normally would be because it hasn’t been honest.

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The statement came during a conversation on Bret Easton Ellis’s podcast that began (after a lengthy monologue from Ellis about Quentin Tarantino’s recent controversies) with a discussion of Angelakos’s mental-health struggles and the media’s treatment of them.

“It’s pretty amazing how often my life can be condensed into a very-easy-to-rattle-off monologue,” Angelakos said, before any mention of his sexuality.

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The video shows a troubled relationship portrayed by Michael Angelakos and Sophia Bush, arguing and quarreling frequently.

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