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Please make sure children bring their bags with pencil case and Quran books from last year (for revision) Please make sure children are dressed in long loose clothing for classes and prayers.Parents of children from Classes 1-4 will be asked to assist with duties from time to time by their teachers. Safety: they want to know if they are safe around you. You need the skill of making them comfortable around you after you attract them, and…… They have been at worst killed and persecuted for it, and still are in many countries nowadays. I see so many guys who are not aware of this getting tooled by girls in the dating scene and during relationships! One of the first things men need to know on how to date a girl is: be… Women have (among their many other problems) two very, very important problems: 1.

7.30 PM Welcome 7.35 PM Lecture By Sheikh Imranali 8.05 PM QUIZ 8.30 PM URDU POETRY COMPETITION 9.30 PM DINNER IMAM ALI A. BIRTHDAY URDU POETRY COMPETITION Present your own written work not more than 5 minutes in length celebrating the Birthday of Imam Ali A. Winner will be selected on the best written poetry – copy of the poem must be given to the judges.Do you bottle up your interest, sigh, and walk away? Do you flirt openly, or try to forge an emotional connection?Do you walk up to her and tell her how beautiful she is, and ask if she wants to go get a cup of coffee? There are a million choices you make every time you approach a new girl.Please work with the teachers and support and assist them to ensure the classes run smoothly. Up to date information on IHS in 2017 will be posted on our Facebook page.Please join our private group on Facebook Imam Hasan Centre as this group is meant for Imam Hasan School families to keep in touch with events at IHS and the Centre.

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Most guys don’t know how to talk to women, and worse, they make the mistake of thinking there is one single magical formula which will unlock any woman’s heart.