Intersex hookups

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When the new diagnostic term ‘DSD’ was proposed, doctors jumped at the chance for a fresh start.

It wouldn't have been my favorite choice." "But in this business, they're trying to get traffic, so I understand." Chandler, who says she tried to tell the what intersex actually means, also said that she was not present with Phelps during his D.

'" "Then one day I gave him my number, and he started texting me, and once I had his number and address I ran it and it was Michael Phelps, so I was like 'I'll be damned.'" "The address, the name. It all matched up." That was earlier this summer, she says. My grandparents raised me, but I wasn't close to my father," she says. "So we had a connection before we actually ever met… Everyone’s trying to make me out to be a one-time thing, a hook-up." "But I’ve been to his house four times now... "But privacy was a big deal." Continue reading The Daily Dot's interview with Chandler ...

Prior to that infamous night, he was reportedly seeing Taylor Lianne Chandler, an older, intersex woman (she's 42, he's 29) in his hometown of Baltimore.

Wednesday, The Daily Dot ran an interview with Phelps' supposed paramour, who started off by addressing those rumors that she was born a man. "If they wanted to report I was born and assigned the name David Roy Fitch, I could've lived with it. "I wasn't with him when he was arrested," Taylor Lianne insists.

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